The majority of the video below is a speech by a Kosovar who is now in Syria fighting for The Islamic State in Iraq and as-Sham. If you remember, we put a lot of effort into keeping the Serbs off the Albanian Kosovars back in the ’90s.

A great deal has been said (most of it correctly) about the US’ support of Islamists in Afghanistan in the ’80s. While a number of the mujahideen we supported had nothing to do with what became the Taliban (Abdul Haq was one of our allies, and he was hanged by the Taliban as soon as he came back into the country in 2001), the majority of the support we funneled in through Pakistani ISI ended up going to Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, whose Hezb-i-Islami Gulbuddin has been allied with Al Qaeda since around 2001, and is alleged to have had friendly contact at least with North Korea and Iran going back to 2005.

The ’90s saw US efforts at “peacekeeping” in first Bosnia, and then Kosovo. The media and the White House painted the Serbs as the worst villains since Hitler, and indeed the Serbs did commit atrocities, the most visible being the massacre in Srebrenica. What got left out, in the interests of a “good guy – bad guy” narrative, were the Bosnian Muslim atrocities.