Welcome to beautiful, chilly Las Vegas for SHOT Show 2023. The SOFREP Team has made our way out here to check out what’s on the cutting edge at the world’s largest Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoors Tradeshow.

Obtaining a good sight picture on a .50 cal at SHOT Show 2023 in Vegas. Photo by the author.

First Look

Meet Bear Creek Arsenal’s 300 Win Mag. A beautifully built, rock-solid firearm guaranteed to stop whatever type of game you are trying to take down dead in its tracks.

The all-new Bear Creek Arsenal 300 Win Mag. It has a solid feel and a modern look that just works. Photo by the author.

A Glimpse of the Future

The latest from Oracle Arms. You’ll definitely be hearing a lot about this company in the near future.

Welcome to Range Day

Held at the Boulder Rifle and Pistol Club in Boulder City, NV.

Looking downrange at SHOT Show 2023.  SOFREP was at Range Day on an ultra-windy day outside the city, where we observed a variety of firearms in their natural habitat.

You can’t see it in the photo above, but the rifle shown here is equipped with the quietest silencer you’ll never hear from Alpha Silencer. This 300 Win Mag was fired about three feet from me, and I didn’t need hearing protection. It was designed by a former Lockheed Skunkworks engineer and built from pure titanium.

If you are looking for the world’s quietest silencer, this is it.

More to come from the show. Stay tuned.