Phil Campion, former SAS, has challenged SOFREP to find seven “Yanks” to represent U.S. special operations forces in a charity boxing tournament in London on November 11, 2016. All proceeds will go to the winning boxer’s military charity of choice. Last year, Phil and the other SAS boxers sold out the venue overnight, and it was a huge event. This year the turnout is expected to be even bigger and the Sun will be covering the event.

There are still two openings on the US SOF Boxing Team:

If you are a current member or former member of U.S. special operations forces and would like to represent the U.S. in a charity boxing tournament, let us know. SOFREP will send you to London in November for a week (airfare and hotel will be paid for by SOFREP). You will get a couple of days to acclimate and train before the fight. Check out this episode of SOFREP Radio Podcast to hear Brandon Webb talk about the fight.

Here are the SAS opponents (We are looking to match them with similar weight classes and expertise levels. Age range is 30-60 years old):

  • Phil Campion – ex 22 SAS – 47 years old – 280 pounds – Novice boxer
  • Rob Paxman – ex 22 SAS – 48 years old – 238 pounds – Novice boxer
  • Colin MacLacklan – ex 22 SAS – 41 years old – 174 pounds – Novice boxer
  • Jim Burford – ex 22 SAS – 36 years old – 186 pounds – Novice boxer
  • Billy Billingham – ex 22 SAS – 51 years old – 175 pounds – Intermediate boxer
  • Jim Walker – ex 22 SAS – 40 years old – 180 pounds – Novice boxer
  • Anonymous – ex 22 SAS – 47 years old – 220 pounds – Novice boxer