Iran’s version of the Soviet era K-55 is 6 meters long, weighs 1,210 kilograms, and has a turbofan engine.

The news that Iran is sending medium range missiles to Russia has Ukraine and the West scrambling for a solution for the possibility of hundreds of Iranian missiles raining down on Ukraine’s cities. There is also speculation that Iran may also send cruise missiles to Russia.

The ballistic cruise missiles that Iran would sell to Russia is their own version of the Kh-55 Granat/AS-15 Kent missiles produced by the USSR in 1987.  Iran obtained these missiles from Ukraine in an illegal shipment of 20 missiles that found their way to China and Iran in 1995. In 2013, Iran unveiled the Soumar cruise missile fired from mobile ground launchers.  Iran lacks the aircraft and navy to employ them from the air or sea,

The USSR version of the missile could be equipped with either a nuclear or conventional payload and fly 2500 km -3500 km at a cruise altitude of 40-110 meters.  It is not supersonic and flies at Mach. 77.