Mass Graves being unearthed in Izyum

A mass grave with some 440 bodies has been found in Izyum after Ukraine’s armed forces pushed the Russians out.  The bodies are mostly civilians, some showing signs of torture, some with their hands bound behind their backs. They are finding and identifying whole families that have been murdered, men, women and children.

This is a pattern being repeated all over occupied Ukraine, with authorities discovering mass graves in nearly every place they reoccupy, like Bucha.

Additionally, there are reports that Russia has taken thousands of Ukrainian children from the country back to Russia after orphaning them by killing their parents. This has echoes of the Nazis in WWII. An SS-initiated program called “Lebensborn” took as many as 400,000 Polish children they considered as having an Aryan appearance and handed them over to SS families for adoption while sending older kids to “German home schools.” These children were then “Germanized,” and spoke and lived as Germans. The infants taken never knew they were actually Polish and thought their German parents were their actual mothers and fathers. As for their own parents, they were often sent to concentration camps.