Russian Forces in a Panicked Retreat from Kharkiv

The photo below is of a Russian soldier whose body was flattened into the roadbed by traffic driving over him.  Tanks, trucks, infantry fighting vehicles, and thousands of civilians fleeing Kharkiv by any ready means,  We don’t know where this picture was taken exactly.  We don’t know who this hapless Russian soldier was, his name or the town he came from, or what he thought about being in Ukraine for the Special Military Operation.  We don’t know if he was a deserter caught on the road and killed by his own forces, or a war criminal who raped a pillaged the civilian populations in dozens of towns and villages in Ukraine.

No one will ever know.  Hopefully, Ukraine will have the decency to bury him or return his remains to Russia for pity’s sake, but in a war marked by shortages on both sides, pity seems to be in short supply as well.

In our last SITREP, we told you that the Ukrainian advance looked as if they meant to cut off and trap thousands of Russian troops with their backs to the Oskil River taking both Kharkiv and Izium in the process.  It would appear the Russians could read maps too and have now withdrawn beyond the river being pursued by Ukrainian forces all the way back to the Russian border and relative safety.

It appears to be a rout in the North at this point.  As many as 10,000 Russian troops may be cut off and surrounded in Izium and their surrender is reportedly being negotiated right now.  The Russian army got out of there so fast that they failed to destroy vast quantities of ammunition, supplies, and enough armored vehicles to equip a new Ukrainian armored battalion and a mechanized infantry battalion at least. They have already taken thousands of prisoners and are said to be having problems moving them to the rear and providing for them.