Poland celebrated 25 years of regaining freedom last month, and many head of states, including the US president Barack Obama, took part in the official events. At this time, it was finally possible to organize a conference that attracted numerous experts and scientists in the security field.

Thanks to the support of the Military Institute of Armament Technology in Zielonka, and the newly-formed Society of Security Experts of the Republic of Poland (comprising ex-operators and soldiers), the first international conference on national security called “Sniper 2014 – Special Tactics and the National Security” was organized near Warsaw. In this event, only operators and soldiers could take part. Many guests from the US, Great Britain, Norway, Finland, Czech Republic and Italy were present.

In addition to the conference, a two-day workshop was organized. The aim was to present the recent research in the field of ballistics as well as new approaches to programming. The workshop was conducted by Dr. Lyman Hazelton, former NASA employee and MIT specialist. Nowadays, he is working to improve work of snipers. He’s also a creator of some state-of-the-art programming. His talk was on a “New Approach In Creating Ballistic Programming for Snipers.”

Here is a list of other lecturers: