So you wanna be a frogman?

Be careful what you wish for.

Sometimes sleeping like a baby means waking up and crying every two minutes.

The men who gravitate to become First Phase instructors are among the most physically fit people on the planet. They see themselves as guardians of the gate, and they are there to punish and bring the pain. They are the most feared, meanest, ugliest, most physically conditioned guys you’ll ever meet. We had eight instructors for First Phase, but four of them comprised the A-list, the ones who would be a constant abrasive presence in our lives until we either made it on to Second Phase or rang that damned brass bell.

Instructor Kowalski was a monster of a guy, 6′ 4″, pushing 300 pounds and all of it muscle and bone. 

Instructor O’Reilly, a menacing Irishman with strawberry blond hair, 6′ 3″ and completely ripped, looked like he was carved out of a freaking piece of granite. 

Instructor Buchanan was slightly younger and smaller, with a more average build, but he had a cocky swagger and the excellent conditioning to back it up. He was a tremendous athlete and mean as hell.

Finally, there was Instructor Shoulin.