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A reporter in combat

“Holy shit, that was a big one!”

The shockwave washed over us. ISIS had set out IEDs all along the road leading from Kirkuk out into the desert. A piece of shrapnel whizzed into the bushes off to my right-hand side. By this point, it was late in the day and we had moved with the Peshmerga deep into what had been ISIS territory just minutes earlier. Now IEDs were going off in front of us and on both of our flanks. Command detonation wires ran up both sides of the road. Just another day in paradise.

Remember, as a reporter, you want to be near the shit, but not actually in the shit. Let the locals fight their war while you stay 50 meters behind the leading edge of their troop formation. Stay behind cover and concealment as best you can. Cover is a hard barrier between you and enemy forces that will stop bullets from penetrating, such as an armored vehicle or earthen wall. Concealment will hide or screen you from the enemy, but will not stop a bullet. This would include vegetation or unarmored vehicles.