I write this with great respect in having served with the men and women of US SOCOM.

I’m a thirteen year, six month veteran of the US Navy SEAL Teams, and have deployed to southwest Asia five times and had one son born when I was chasing AQ in the north of Afghanistan in 2001. My experience with SOCOM and war fighting has given me some insights into some changes they need to make.

SOCOM Needs to Improve Their Cyber Terror Policy & Long Term Strategy

SOCOM leadership has a very challenging and difficult job to do, that much is true. However, what about our jobs as citizen warriors? Will we continue to sit around watching our friends be muted by TV, eating fast food? Getting fatter, and being driven further apart by politics and religion? Or can we bring critical thinking, debate, viable solutions and open minds back to the table?

I’d like to think the latter.


Cyber Terror is Not Addressed in SOCOM’s Budget or Strategic Outlook

You don’t have to look far on the Internet these days to find out that the U.S. Military is very susceptible to Cyber Terror. If Cyber Terror is a threat then why isn’t US SOCOM paying attention? A good and valid question I think.

“Special operations forces will become more important in the future… Their proven abilities to arrive unexpectedly, to kill those who plan to do us harm, to take precise action when required, to inspire their counterparts, all combine to make them a force in high demand.”

 Former Navy Adm. Eric T. Olson, Aug. 10, 2011