This was brought to my attention from several folks in the SOFREP network.

POW network’s Wall of Shame recipient John Giduck is apparently trying to sue his way to credibility.  Most sites will back away from a bully like this for fear of litigation. Bring your weak game John and watch good people everywhere and the Special Operations world unite. Welcome to the spot light Cucaracha.

Update: I want to be clear that when SOFREP mentions the Special Operations community banding together, we mean just that. People that have served in Special Operations. The same people like my friend Don Shipley who are working hard to out phonies.

Joining communities like SOCNET and getting a “cool-guy” handle does not make you a part of the Special Operations community. Period. Get over it.

The link I provided below was to showcase Giduck and provide some context.  What’s almost as bad as a SOF poser? When some Rex Kwon Do (e.g. I trained with Special Ops) fucker emails me about how angry this makes them and how they’re getting involved in a cause they know little about. The unknown commenter below is an example, who knows who this is and if they ever served.

Put your credentials on the line if you email us, and if you’re not SOF then stay the hell out of the mix. Turn these guys in, yes we appreciate that however, leave the rest to guys that have done the push ups.