Today’s SOF Pic of the Day features President Biden posing with Israeli Yaman operators. Thankfully, their faces are all covered.

So, what is Yamam?

YAMAM is an acronym for the Special Central Unit (in Hebrew: “Yehida Merkazit Meyuhedet”) of the Israeli Border Police. The YAMAM is Israel’s Tier One domestic counterterrorism and hostage rescue unit. They are adept at both hostage rescue operations and direct action raids in urban areas. Additionally, the unit can facilitate high-risk arrests, security of distinguished visitors, and various counter-terrorism operations. They are known for their sniper capabilities, urban warfare, and close-quarters combat skills, among other specialized abilities.

Yamam with Barrett
Yamam snipers train with a Barrett MRAD.

Israeli Special Forces and Barrett Firearms

Over recent years, a distinctive alliance has emerged between the Israeli Special Forces (SF) and Barrett Firearms, fostering early adoption and customization of Barrett models to meet specific operational needs.