Today’s Pic of the Day features Turkish Navy Special Forces, also known as “Su Altı Taarruz” (SAT), which means “Underwater Offense” in Turkish. Established in 1963, the SAT is trained and equipped to conduct a wide range of missions, including underwater demolition, amphibious operations, counterterrorism, and hostage rescue.

Key Capabilities and Roles

  • Underwater Demolition: SAT commandos are highly skilled in conducting underwater demolitions, which include clearing obstacles to amphibious landings or destroying targets such as bridges, ships, and docks.
  • Amphibious Operations: They are trained to engage in operations launched from the sea onto the land, often involving covert beach landings to capture strategic positions or gather intelligence.
  • Counter-Terrorism and Hostage Rescue: SAT operators are equipped to deal with maritime terrorist threats, such as hijackings and piracy. They also conduct counter-terrorism operations on land when required.
  • Reconnaissance: These operators perform both coastal and underwater reconnaissance to collect strategic intelligence.

Training and Equipment

SAT commandos undergo rigorous training that includes diving, parachuting, counter-terrorism, and commando tactics. Their training also involves harsh physical conditioning to prepare them for the demanding nature of their missions.

SAT uses a range of specialized gear suited for maritime operations, such as closed-circuit diving systems that allow them to approach targets covertly without releasing bubbles. They also use a variety of weapons tailored to their unique operational requirements, including underwater firearms and explosives.

Operational History

The Turkish Navy SF has been involved in various national and international operations, often in collaboration with other Turkish and allied special forces. Given Turkey‘s strategic location at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, its capabilities are crucial not only for national defense but also for NATO operations.

Overall, the SAT is a key asset in the Turkish military’s special operations capability. Its unique set of skills is particularly focused on maritime and amphibious environments.

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Design and Ergonomics

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