In today’s SOF Pic of the Day, we see a Ukrainian SOF operator on a German-made and donated e-bike.

Long gone are the days when these were cumbersome and had a short range. Today’s military-grade e-bikes boast a range of about 60 km and have quick-change batteries. They provide gobs of torque and are plenty fast.

Shoot and Scoot

Ukrainian Special Operations Forces (SOF) have been employing high-powered electric bikes, specifically modified to carry anti-tank weaponry such as NLAW rockets, in their operations against Russian forces. These bikes, provided by companies like Delfast and ELEEK, enable Ukrainian soldiers to maneuver rapidly and quietly into optimal positions for launching attacks on enemy armor. The mobility provided by these electric bikes is crucial in allowing the operators to strike effectively while minimizing their exposure to enemy fire.

These innovations in mobility and firepower are part of a broader effort by the Ukrainian SOF to integrate more advanced and diverse equipment into their arsenal, reflecting a significant shift towards NATO standards and tactics. This includes not just advanced weaponry but also tactical vehicles and specialized gear that enhance their operational capabilities in various combat scenarios.  

The use of such e-bikes is a testament to the evolving nature of modern warfare, where mobility, stealth, and the ability to adapt to the battlefield quickly are paramount. The Ukrainian SOF’s adoption of these bikes also underscores the growing trend of militaries incorporating electric vehicles and other green technologies into their operations, which offers both strategic advantages and alignment with broader environmental goals.

Truth be told, though, saving the spotted owls is not priority number one for the Ukrainian military. These e-bikes are efficient weapons of war.