Christmas is right around the corner. But the holidays are not an excuse to get lazy and not exercise. I just returned from a Ruck Run on the national mall. If you were driving by the Smithsonian between midnight and 1 am you would’ve me miserably dragging along. Truthfully, I love running late at night. Even though I know the morning, or what’s left of it before I take for the day might be exhausting – I enjoyed the run in the quiet night.

Today, we’re taking a brief break from rucking and stepping into the Gym.


1) 1 round:

20 x Back Squat @ 70% 1RM.

Relax on this. Let the weight rest on your shoulders, keep your back straight, look forward and take a few breaths between each rep. Don’t rack the barbell until you’ve completed 20 reps. Focus on each rep – and knock them all out.

2) 5 rounds:

Hinge Lift (Romanian Deadlift) x 5 @ whatever weight is hard but doable

Standing Dumbbell Curl to Arnold Press x 5 @ whatever weight is hard but doable