Starting to get more miles under our feet. At selection you’ll be expected to withstand great distance with weight on your back. Preparation is everything.

Try to land on your mid-foot, right at the arch of the boot and slightly forward towards the balls of your feet. Don’t let your feet linger on the ground and concentrate on the backward motion and full extension of your leg moving back – creating a tight squeeze of your buttocks. Big, healthy and strong strides will help you create a faster pace without the wasteful energy of the pitter-patter frantic walking technique which isn’t sustainable.


Walk, don’t run, 6 miles with a 45lb. Ruck with at a 14:30 minute per mile pace. If you have to take on small sprints at the end of the mile to make time, it’s okay. But try to figure out to best make your walking pace a 14:30.

Then, complete this circuit at home:

5 rounds:

25 push-ups

8 “EO’s”

Here’ s a video tutorial of an “EO”: