Training Today – REST. I think today is a good day to cheat on your diet, somewhat. I’m going to lay out some training for the weekend and it might not feel good to have eaten junk food in the midst of the training. Also, let me know what you think about Friday’s off and training on the weekend. Weekend training is often the better trainings because you aren’t pressured on time or other responsibilities. For the same reason it’s harder to do these sessions with the same intensity.

It’s something I’ve fallen into – usually, depending on how sleep I got during the week, I come home on a Friday and uncontrollably pass out. Sometimes, on the floor, sometimes on a couch, sometimes half of my body on furniture and the other half on the ground. It’s like I’m a fainting goat human and limited control over it – but I crash, nonetheless. So, personally, late afternoon or an early dinner on Friday is an ideal time to eat whatever I want. I even try to have a larger dinner on Thursday’s because I know I’ll sleep through dinner Friday.


5 mile ruck with 60lbs.

Max Bench Press – find your one-rep-max (1rm)

Max Toes-2-Bar


10k Run as fast as you can. Try and think of it in two legs, your initial 5k then, take a breath, turn around, and finish the second 5k strong.