Run 10 miles

Then, do 100 pull-ups. Hang out at the gym, relax, stretch and stay however long it takes to knock out 100 pull-ups.

Finish with 50 Ankles-to-Bar, hang from the bar as though you’re going to do a pull-up and touch your toes to the bar. Do that 50 times.


Survey: Would selection candidates and non-future candidate alike appreciate a meathead version of SOFREP PT? Where we cover down on endurance events, but not just rucking and also get time under the bar to build size and do some ‘meathead’ movements? Like more back squats, bench press, push press, even curls? Alternating days per body part like legs, arms, back – that we all did when were young? My hope is to find a right balance that’s fun and doable for everyone and also gets readers who are interested in a place where they’d be able to pass selection if they went. Please, if that’s not what you’re looking let me know about that, too.