Tier One

A tier 1 unit, the Special Reconnaissance Regiment (SRR) of the British Army was established on April 6, 2005, and marks a pivotal evolution in the UK’s special forces capabilities, especially in intelligence gathering and covert operations. As an integral part of the United Kingdom Special Forces (UKSF), the SRR’s formation was a strategic response to a rapidly changing global security landscape, notably influenced by September 11, 2001. Its establishment aimed to enhance the UK’s capacity for advanced surveillance and reconnaissance, particularly in counter-terrorism contexts.

Formation and Structure

The SRR was formed by combining the existing expertise within the British military and intelligence framework. A significant part of its initial core came from the 14 Intelligence Company, a unit with a rich history of operating in Northern Ireland during the Troubles. This background provided the SRR with a solid foundation in covert intelligence operations.

The regiment’s unique structure allows for the recruitment of troops from all branches of the British Armed Forces. This inclusive recruitment policy ensures a diverse blend of skills and experiences, making the SRR a versatile and dynamic unit. Both men and women are eligible to serve in the regiment, reflecting a progressive approach to military operations.