Greetings fellow SOFREP members, I wanted to dash off a few lines to tell you about an improvement we recently added to the site.
In our quest for constant improvement, you can now listen to SOFREP stories with our new audio feature.  Look for the play button just below the headline and feature image in each story.  You can also listen to our features in different languages like French, German, Italian and English as well  Just click on the little globe icon to select a different language.
Unlike some of the robot voice that seems fairly common to audio programs like this, we were impressed by how seamlessly this one works in rendering our story text to voice.  It catches grammar and inflection really well.
As a matter of fact, you can listen to this using story using the audio feature as well.
We hope this new feature added to SOFREP makes our site more useful to you as you commute, work around the house, or at the office.
We’d like to know what you think of this new feature so send your feedback to, [email protected]
And as always, thank you again for being a SOFREP member and supporting veteran journalism, news, and analysis.
Best regards,
Sean Spoonts,
Editor In Chief