Night In The City

It was after 9 PM in New York City and I just about had the streets to myself as I was walking back from dinner at a little Italian place in Chelsea. This neighborhood on the west side of Manhattan is tucked between the Holland and Lincoln tunnels and is the home of art galleries and in my past visits had a lot of foot traffic in the evening.

Not this night though, the streets were almost empty.  My ear pods were playing a mix of jazz greats like Miles Davis and Chet Baker as I walked alone in the chill air.  It wasn’t freezing yet, but you could tell it wasn’t far off.  All that’s needed is a little Arctic tip of the hat from Canada and New York will freeze for sure.  It felt a bit like a movie, a city of more than 7 million people and I felt like I had it all to myself.

I was in town for SOFREP’s annual “Head Shed” meeting, my first as Editor In Chief and it was pretty productive.  It’s a room full of driven, creative people.  We all did various presentations, staked out ideas, and hashed through some arguments over things, but in the end, I think our members will be pretty pleased with what we have planned for 2022.

But this piece is about Crime, COVID, and the big city, not meeting notes and agendas.