The Reading Group of the SOFREP MAFIA is made up of the MAFIA’s readers, who each month, select a book to read and discuss within the Forums. The inspiration for the Group was an old blog by Bob Schoultz, Navy SEAL Captain (ret.), where he talked about what he was reading. Given the variety and depth of each MAFIA member’s backgrounds, I thought that it would be an interesting and fun idea to start up our very own Reading Group.

How it works? Near the end of every month, MAFIA are able to nominate in the SOFREP MAFIA Reading Group thread, any book on any topic , to be read by any MAFIA who wish to participate. After an announced cut off point for nominations, a poll is generated in the same thread, where MAFIA are able to vote anonymously for a set time period. Which ever book receives the most votes is the book we read and discuss for the following month.

The Group has been going strong since the beginning of the year with great interactions between authors and MAFIA readers, as well as great contributions by MAFIA readers. Here are some examples:

Jack Murphy, author of “Target Deck, responding to a question about non-state actors collaborating against nation states: