On a somber Tuesday, a devastating explosion ravaged the al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza City, causing extensive casualties. The Hamas-controlled Health Ministry reported a death toll in the hundreds. The tragic incident has further inflamed the already tense situation in the region.

As a Medical Operations Officer who served in the Army for over 16 years, I can think of few incidents as heinous as the bombing of a healthcare facility. These are supposed to be areas where men, women, and children can heal and be offered a respite from the horrors of war. The intentional infliction of additional harm on these, the most vulnerable of the population, is unthinkable. To be 100% clear, at this point, we are not certain what happened here. The fog of war lies heavy on this event.

The cause of the explosion is shrouded in a blame game. Hamas attributes it to an Israeli airstrike, whereas the Israeli military points fingers at a misfire by Palestinian militants. The Health Ministry has put the death toll at 500. There is another grim possibility. It is possible that Hamas intentionally fired on the medical treatment facility in a macabre false flag operation. Why would they do that? To point the finger at the enemy and solidify hatred for them. Before the hate mail starts pouring in, I am not saying that is definitely what happened. It is possible that this was unintentional. But one must look at all of the possible causes of this tragedy, and a false flag attack is among them.

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