In a surprising tactical shift, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have decided to deploy the M270 Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) against Hamas, a weapon not utilized by the IDF for nearly two decades. This unconventional response to the offensive by Hamas militants has included the use of white phosphorus missiles alongside the reintroduction of the M270 MLRS, with the most recent deployment occurring on October 12th in an attack against Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip, as confirmed by IDF representatives and documented through social media.
According to data from The Military Balance, Israel has an arsenal of over 100 MLRS systems of various types, including approximately 40 M270 MLRS units. Israel’s last known deployment of the M270 MLRS dates back to 2006.

Back in Service


The M270 MLRS system comprises a multi-rail launcher and a transport unit featuring a caterpillar track and an engine generating around 500 horsepower. This mobility allows it to serve as mobile artillery with an impressive range of up to 311 miles and a maximum speed of 37 mph.
The launcher is configured for 227 mm caliber ground-to-ground missiles, with the target engagement range depending on the specific type of ammunition employed. These missiles encompass M30 and M31 variants with a range of approximately 50 miles and MGM-140 ATACMS missiles capable of striking targets as distant as 186 miles.

Israel Calls our M270 MLRS “The Smasher”