The US-made “God of War”HIMARS rocket system is set to form part of NATO’s “Eastern Shield” against Russia after Bulgaria signed a deal to buy the weapon. Estonia has also signed a contract with the US to acquire six M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS) as they partner with other NATO countries to build up their HIMARS units stockpile.

As for Poland, they want to purchase more HIMARS artillery systems but are worried about how long it would take to deliver them, so it is seeking Chunmoo systems from South Korea as a backup. Still, Poland signed a contract for 20 HIMARS in 2018. The United States also approved the sale of eight HIMARS systems to Lithuania, the last of NATO’s Baltic states to secure a deal.

The M142 HIMARS has become a prominent feature of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, as Kyiv’s forces utilize it to inflict severe damage on Moscow’s troop concentrations and supply hubs as they push multiple counteroffensives.

As one analyst described the system, NATO allies have taken notice, and the “God of War” appears likely to be a critical part of the alliance’s defense against Russian aggression for years to come.