Have you ever wondered what Edward Snowden and geeks like him actually do? Do you think that you’re qualified to step in and get into that action? You’ve no doubt read Will’s write-up about the guy, where he says:

Much has yet to be written about Snowden. What is known is that he’s a computer smart-guy with a GED, who volunteered for the Army and broke both his legs in the Special Forces training pipeline so badly that he was medically discharged. I’m not going to speculate much, but it’s incredibly weird to me that a GED soldier was in the SF pipeline, as well as getting two broken legs and a medical discharge. Possible? Yes. Probable? Hell no! Then this individual went from security guard to CIA employee in Sweden. Again, possible? Yes. Probable? Hell no x2!

What is it these guys actually do? Let’s take a look at a few resume samples from people who’ve worked on PRISM:

1. Imagery Analyst/Collection Manager