1. Follow SOFREP on Twitter and take a screen shot to show us
  2. Get two friends to like us Facebook and provide proof (your call how)
  3. What day and time did Soldier Systems post about The Red Circle audio book?
  4. Which member of SOFREP TV’s Inside The Team Room thought about quitting BUD/S at San Clemente Island in the 3rd Phase of Training?
  5. On what date did SOFREP.com launch?
  6. What contributing editor on SOFREP has spent his career outside of the US Navy in Corporate Intelligence and Counter-espionage?
  7. Like SOFREP Radio on iTunes and leave a review (submit the name the review is under).
  8. What is the main character’s name in Jack’s novel Reflexive Fire and what time period does the book take place?
  9. Why did Brandon name his book “The Red Circle”?
  10. Submit a photo of your favorite handgun and share one sentence telling us why you like it?
  11. What is your favorite Special Operations group (e.g. SAS, Ranger, SF, SEALs, PJ, Combat Controller, KSK, GROM, etc) and why?
  12. What is your favorite SOFREP foreign Special Operations post/video on the site? Share it  with a friend via Facebook.
  13. What article did ABC news reference SOFREP and the Philippines? Who was the author?
  14. Which news site first picked up and linked to Brandon’s Colorado piece?
  15. Pick your favorite episode of Inside the Team Room, tell us what it is, and share it with two friends on Twitter and two on Facebook (include @SOFREP in your share)
  16. True or False. The SEALs and British SAS have an operator exchange program.
  17. When was the German KSK established?
  18. What are the Danish version of the Navy SEALs called?
  19. What does OSS stand for?
  20. Has there ever been a female that has passed the SF “Q” course, and if so what his her name?
  21. Submit your answers via the comms check and put SSH8-12 in the subject line.  It pays to be a winner. Get some.