SOFREP’s very first scavenger hunt! Most of the answers to the below questions can be found right here on our site, but we threw some friends in the mix to keep you on your toes. You have only TWELVE hours to submit your answers via the Comms Check page. The top three finishers will have their pick of one of the following three prizes (listed here) in the same order in which they finish. Better get going! Goodluck.


1. What did Jack Murphy show up wearing to his Special Forces Assessment and Selection training?

2. Who is riding his bike from Bridgeport, CA to Camp Lejeune, NC and for what cause?

3. What is a JTAC allowed to say on the radio that is the primary difference between a JTAC and ROMAD?

4. How long is SEAL Qualification Training? (SQT)

5. What does Soldier Systems Daily think 2012 should be the year of?

6. Where is the secret to BUD/S and SEAL Team 6 located?

7. What is the only use for the Mossberg 500?

8. What company makes the tool Brandon suggests women use for a self defense?

9. According to Soldier Systems Daily, what color was the proposed USAF EOD beret?

10. What was Whiskey 5 called originally?

11. What is NOT uncommon during a typical day at the team if you’re a navy SEAL?

12. What did Jack find was wrong with him after he failed his re-test during the RIP?

13. In one of the combat controller photos, what is the CC utilizing as local transportation?



14. According to The Daily’s Pararescue: The Ultimate Warrior video, what is the perfect platform for airborne combat search and rescue?

15. What was SOFREP’s first tweet?

16. What website, started in 1997, was also founded by SSD?

17. What is the purpose of the Special Operations Warrior Foundation?

18. What sets SEAL training apart most from the other branches?

19. Why was Bill Janson’s military career cut short?

20. What date did Soldier Systems Daily start?