SOFREP had an outstanding first week as a subscription website. We’re learning, making mistakes, and doing some good work, all at the same time. Here’s a wrap on some of what we’ve experienced this past week.

One of the most important pieces of a subscription website is a working registration form, and we found out the hard way yesterday that when the form is broken, people can’t join. We are happy to report that we fixed this issue and folks are now able to subscribe to

Speaking of registrations, we discovered a simply outstanding bug in which our new membership system doesn’t recognize previous Team Room members when the try to re-join. There isn’t a quick or easy fix to this (should be, but isn’t) so we are responding to emails as they come in and trying to do a daily review of joins against our inactive members list. It’s a huge inconvenience to folks and we apologize for it. We’re working hard to improve it.

Commenting. Wow, that’s been fun! We’ve had some issues with SSL and Livefyre and we were able to resolve those on Sunday night. Today we’re doing a comment synchronization, and those of you who have opted for email alerts for comment replies, well, you’re going to get a those emails today. All. At. Once. We apologize.

We also experienced a wonderful surprise this morning when our newsletter system misinterpreted a slight coding error on our part and sent 6 emails to each of our subscribers at 4am. WTF, over! We sent out an apology this afternoon and people have been generally pretty kind about it, saying things like:

“Thanks, I just thought you wanted to get my attention…”

“RGR, Not a problem at all.”

Not a problem. I get a boatload of emails anyway. Keep up the great work, De Oppresso Liber!”