Almost as old as human conflict is the commemoration of conflict in art. The earliest paintings of humans at war go back some 10,000 years and depict men fighting over territory, resources, and even women captives. Through all the centuries that have since passed, the arts have been a part of the human experience of war, whether in paintings, sculpture, or music. Now, in movies and even video games, man is compelled to create even as he destroys. To take brush in hand and try to get the intense emotions experienced during war onto a canvas. To share that experience of war with others, to inform and perhaps even to warn.

SOFREP will be running a weekly feature for the Art of War in partnership with UnitingUS, a non-profit charity that empowers veterans through the healing powers of the arts. Uniting US has graciously provided us with some very high-quality images of the work of their artists to share with you. Artists working with Uniting US have exhibited their work at places like the Pentagon, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, and Dulles International Airport. Some of the art is for sale if you are inclined to support the worthy mission of this charity.

We will begin with a mention of the cover art we chose for this first post in the series. It is by Master Sergeant Juan Munoz who was the U.S. Army Artist in Residence at the U.S. Army Center of Military History. And lest you think he just wiled away the hours in front of an artist’s easel MSG Juan Munoz was also a senior drill sergeant at Ft. Jackson and deployed to Iraq twice.

SOFREP Art of War will be a regular Friday feature. We hope you enjoy it and let us know what you think in the comments sections below.