Well, we have the Christmas Holiday behind us now.  Hopefully, you have all come out of the self-induced food coma you put yourselves into yesterday and are looking at today’s football schedule. Or maybe you’re are returning from the store where you have returned that gifted sweater that is uglier than a hungover Blobfish.  By the way, looking at the NFL standings we could see a rematch between the Patriots and the Chiefs this year.  That would be one of the most-watched Super Bowls in history for sure.

Here is a recap of the week.

China and India

Lot’s going on in foreign policy, dominated by the actions of China and Russia towards their neighbors.  China is building military installations along its border with India.  These two countries have a long-contested border in northeastern Arunachal Pradesh state in the mountains of Himalaya.  We don’t think this means China and India will go to war any time soon.  There are a couple of reasons China is building these installations.  This border runs through an area that is at high altitudes, cold and desolate.  These installations would give their troops more comfort while on station, and allow China to extend their deployments.  China also has a lot more money than India and building these installations up to a semi-permanent state would compel India to respond in kind with their own build-outs of installations at great expense.  Finally, as China directs its foreign policy efforts in the Pacific region against the U.S. and western countries, it would want to make sure that India couldn’t exploit this border region and make a move while Beijing’s strategic gaze is looking the other way. The smart play by the United States when China acts up in the Pacific would be to bolster India in order to put China in the position of having to fight a war on two fronts simultaniously.

Meanwhile, the U.S. continues to ratchet up pressure on China by conducting a High Energy Laser test in the Gulf of Oman, along with the U.S. joining France and the U.K. in formal cooperation to train together and share tech and intelligence to counter the threat posed by hypersonic anti-ship missiles from China, Iran, and Russia.