Parkerusn writes:

Hey guys, Parkerusn here, I was just wondering If it would be possible to make DVD’s, SOFREP TV and Maybe Ranger Series? Maybe proceeds could go towards a Charity, I just would like to be able to have the ability to look back to you guys and CK, Would love to be able to some day share these stories with my kid. It would be like owning a bit of history. Thanks I understand if that’s a Negative, just throwing out the idea.

Hey Parkerusn, that’s a great question and one that we get a lot. One of the best things we’ll ever be able to accomplish at SOFREP is to deliver the Inside the Team Room series to Taya and her kids on DVD. For them to be able to see their father, Chris Kyle, as not a mythical figure, but just a regular guy talking with his peers, well, that’s something we’re quite proud of.

We’ve thought of boxing the sets up on DVD, or selling them on iTunes. We like the idea of giving part of the proceeds to our favorite charities (as well as using the proceeds to pay for more videos!). If we get enough interest then certainly we’ll need to move forward on that.

We are hard at work producing the next two series, so that’s our focus at this point. But if you really want the DVDs, let us know!

– Charlie


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