While I understand that the holiday spirit is supposed to be about giving and not receiving, allow me this chance to clarify something for dads everywhere before everyone finishes their Christmas shopping: We don’t need another tie. Believe it or not, dads are perfectly capable of tie-shopping on our own, and more often than not, we tend to be sort of picky about the ties we’ll wear. I get it: dads are tough to shop for and, I’ll also admit, we aren’t really the target demographic for holiday cheer. But we still like to know that you’re thinking about us amid all the holiday-hubbub.

Us dads are working our butts off all throughout the holidays — hanging decorations, taxiing family members to and from the airport, sneaking off on shopping trips, and wrapping presents after dark. We don’t do all that stuff for gifts, of course; we do it for our families. But that doesn’t mean we’d turn down a really cool present if it showed up under the tree on Christmas morning.

This year don’t give the man in your life another generic “dad gift.” Get him something he could really use. Or at least something he’ll want to use — because there’s never really a good meeting to wear a Looney Tunes tie to…

(Battle Archives)

For History Buffs: Battle Archives – Historical Battle Maps

If you’re shopping for a guy that’s into military history, there aren’t many cooler gift ideas out there than a map from Battle Archives. These guys have a massive catalog of maps that were used to coordinate combat operations for the U.S. military dating back to the very establishment of our nation. These often come complete with the handwritten notes added by commanders in the field. Pick an era, a conflict, a battle or a location that’ll really hit home for added effect. From maps of battles that took place in the American soil during the Revolutionary and Civil Wars to maps of Baghdad, Battle Archives has something for every war nerd.

For the Whiskey Drinker: Crate Club’s Wet Bar Kit

After a long holiday season full of Christmas shopping, end of year reports and extended family outstaying their welcome, nobody can blame dad for wanting a drink. That’s where the Crate Club Wet Bar kit can make all the difference. Dad can water down his favorite whiskey with the bullet-shaped whiskey chillers that don’t just chill his beverage… they look awesome while doing so. The kit also includes a glass, leather coasters, and a Snake Eaters Union whiskey topper that he can use to cap the bottle between belts.