To the founders of SOFREP, thank you.

After viewing Act of Valor, I took my wife to SOFREP’s link to the Navy SEAL Foundation that honors the KIA SEALS since 9/11, literally putting a face on the sailors who paid the ultimate price for our Country.

In recent weeks, I’ve reviewed each icon and link SOFREP provides, including charities that support each branch of service represented through this website and the SOF community.

In viewing it, I wanted to offer some historic insights for SOFREP as a former Green Beret who served two tours of duty in Nam with MACV-SOG – the Military Assistance Command Vietnam – Studies and Observations Group, which ran top-secret missions into Laos, North Vietnam and Cambodia from 1964 – 1972.

SOG remained classified top secret long after the war. A Presidential Unit Citation to SOG was awarded in April 2001 at Ft. Bragg, N.C. SOG casualties exceeded 100 percent, as several operators were wounded multiple times during SOG’s eight-year period of operating in Southeast Asia.

During the Vietnam War, 20,000 Green Berets served in country. Of those, approximately 2,000 were assigned to SOG projects, of which 400 to 500 men ran reconnaissance missions across the fence into enemy held sanctuaries. The Green Beret-lead recon teams consisted of one to three Green Berets and three to nine indigenous troops. Navy SEALs and gunboats ran missions under the aegis of MACV-SOG, including missions along coastal areas of N. Vietnam. Air Force, Army, Marine and Navy air assets supported SOG missions.

Some of the tactics used today were developed by SOG personnel, including helicopter insertions, rappelling into targets, ladder extractions from small LZs, and rope extractions from the jungle. During its 35-year history, Soldier of Fortune magazine has printed stories about SOG and present operations in Afghanistan. SOG missions varied from point and area reconnaissance to POW snatches, wire taps, destroy enemy fuel lines and local American POW sites.

In the weeks ahead I’d be honored to present some SOG history and respond to questions that SOFREP editors and readers might have about that period of time in our SOF history.