In a dramatic shift, Kim Jong Un has reportedly expressed a willingness to discuss denuclearization with the United States, according to a statement released by South Korea’s presidential Blue House.

Chairman Kim said that even denuclearization could be among the agenda items for talks between North Korea and the US,” a Blue House spokesman said,as reported by the South Korean news agency Yonhap. “What drew our attention, in particular, is that he made clear that achieving denuclearization is his father’s dying wish and that it has not been changed at all.”

This line of dialogue, of course, marks a significant departure from years of nuclear rhetoric from Kim’s regime. On multiple occasions, official statements from the ruling party of North Korea have bore a stronger resemblance to professional wrestling than formal diplomacy, threatening dramatic and destructive displays of Kim’s nuclear might and calling the nation’s nuclear future “non negotiable.” Now, at least according to Moon Jae In’s office,  Kim claims that his dream has always been for a non-nuclear North Korea, and further, has asked for no-preconditions before initiating these talks.

Kim also didn’t specify anything special from South Korea or other countries in return for the North coming to dialogue but expressed an intent to be treated seriously as a counterpart for talks,” the statement added.