To boldly go where no man has gone…

America’s newest military service now has its own flag. And if you are a fan of Star Trek, then it may look familiar. 

The U.S. military’s newest service unfurled its flag for the first time at the White House in the Oval Office and was presented to President Trump. It now stands next to the other service flags. It is the first new service flag unfurled in 72 years.

Air Force Secretary Barbara Barrett, Chief of Space Operations General Jay Raymond, and senior enlisted adviser Chief Master Sgt. Robert Towberman all took part in the ceremony in presenting the U.S.’s sixth and newest service. President Trump was pleased and said that the United States was now the leader in space. 

“China and Russia, perhaps others, have started a lot sooner than us, we should have started this a long time ago but we’ve made up for it in spades,” President Trump said.

“Space is going to be the future, both in terms of defense and offense and so many other things,” he added. “And already, from what I’m hearing and based on reports, we’re now the leader in space.”

Of course, the President then took to Twitter to post about the event. 

The Space Force flag is derived from the Space Force’s seal, which features a silver delta symbol surrounded by two constellations cast against the dark blue of outer space.

“The flag takes the key and central elements of the seal and places them on a black field fringed in platinum with the words ‘United States Space Force’ and Roman numerals MMXIX (2019) below,” a government official said, in reference to the December 2019 birth of the Space Force.

“The delta in the middle, that’s the symbol that space communities use [sic] for years and years and years. The North Star signifies our core value, our guiding light if you will,” General Raymond said. “And the orbit around the globe signifies the space cape colors that fuel our American way of life.”

The Space Force is heavily recruiting from the Air Force. As of this article, about 2,300 Air Force personnel have asked to transfer to the new service. The Space Force currently has about 16,000 personnel; yet, on the rolls, they are still officially considered Air Force personnel.

The Space Force’s recruiting video is pretty impressive and was obviously one that the command thought out well. 

During Friday’s unveiling ceremony, President Trump stated that the United States is building a “super-duper missile” that can travel “17 times faster than what we have right now.”