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In the bloody aftermath of the Munich massacre of Israeli athletes, the raid on Entebbe, and Germany’s GSG-9 storming of an aircraft in Mogadishu, the western world had to take a hard look at their military capabilities and figure out how they would address the growing threat of terrorism. The United States had created Delta Force and SEAL Team Six to conduct counter-terrorism missions. With South Korea being given permission to host the 1988 Olympics, the government now knew that they had to stand up their own counter-terrorism unit. In 1982 the 707th Special Mission Battalion was stood up.

The 707th came to consist of two assault companies, one support company, and one all-female company that could be used as bodyguards or for low-visibility operations. If you watch Korean television, “you see the president with girls in the background in traditional Korean dresses. Under the dresses is body armor and MP-5” sub-machine guns former Det K Sergeant Major Jack Hagan explained. At one point he jokingly asked members of the female company if they had nurse and school girl disguises as well. He received a serious and enthusiastic reply: yes!

During this time the 707th also received a liaison from Delta Force and in later years, Det K would provide a liaison who had previously served in Delta or had experience in C/1/1 which is 1st Group’s Commanders In-extremis Force (CIF). In time, C/1/1 would come and train on the 707th compound as they had buses, a train, and an actual 747 passenger jet where soldiers could practice hostage rescue tactics.