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Back in Korea, there was a pretty good dust-up as the U.S. Army Institute of Heraldry decided that Detachment K would now be known as Special Forces Detachment 39. Special Forces veterans and careful researchers may note that Det 39 is actually the designation of the now-deactivated Detachment A in Berlin, while Detachment K’s lineage goes back to Det 40 in Korea. Veterans of both Det A and Det K were upset by this move, feeling that it stole from the history of both units.

Sergeant Major Hagan at Det K did his best to get this designation revoked. “I called them and asked them why. They can’t steal Det A’s history. The way it is done is based on how long the unit existed. Because Det 39th had been the longest around, they gave it to Det K to continue the lineage of that Det.” The Institute of Heraldry (or heresy, as Horace Boner says) would not change their mind. Hagan worked up a petition that was sent up to General Schoomaker and Command Sergeant Major Mike Hall, but 1st Special Forces Group did not want to push the issue.