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By my title, I mean to say that nobody moves through the countryside like Army Rangers. Patrolling is the cornerstone of most of what the Rangers do in the realm of Small Unit Tactics (SUT). Rangers are so well-versed, practiced, and so good at moving through areas undetected that they continue to do it subconsciously long after they have retired from the Military.

I ran into a former 2/75 pipe hitter at a city park recently. I never even knew he was there until he bumped into a waste receptacle and made it rock back and forth. I said:

“Woah, dude… were you ever in the 75th Regiment?

“Oh… heh-heh-heh, yeah — how did you know?

“Because I can’t see you, dude!”

Then he stepped out onto the pavement where I could see him, and we shook hands and introduced ourselves.