A new program called RESTORE is in the works to help special operators manage sleep better. Using a mix of commercial, off-the-shelf (COTS) products, researchers will study effects on college student volunteers. Mix in some technology in the form of computer algorithms, and the stage is set for better overall sleep habits.


RESTORE the Ability to Sleep

RESTORE stands for Restorative and Efficient Sleep Technologies for Optimizing Resiliency and Effectiveness. USSOCOM awarded Aptima, Inc. a $1.29 million contract to develop the program, which aims at better understanding and optimizing sleep in the special operations community.

Long have people known that sleep deprivation is bad for you. As far back as 4,000BC, civilizations were already looking at medicinal herbs for sleep. The study of sleep, how it affects everyday life, and how to control it are all big business nowadays. Melatonin as a sleep aid was patented in 1995, but doctors were using depressants and barbiturates for years before that.