Starting next sunday SOFREP and will host a weekly ruck march. For more information and to express your interest please leave comments below.

When: next SUNDAY 2/5/2017 @ 1 P.M. EST


Rock Creek Park, Washington D.C.

Western Ridge Trail

  • Total Distance:  ~5 -6 miles
  • Elevation Gain:  335 ft.
  • Elevation Descent: -203 ft.

ParkingParking locations can be found on the Map My Run link listed below

Wear long pants or shorts so that you feel comfortable Rucking. Bring a smartwatch that records your heart rate. Bring a container of water and whatever sports fuel gels or bars you’d like to experiment with.

Must Bring:

Ruck: at least 35lbs.

Hiking or military boots, no tennis shoes.

Cell phone in case of emergency.


Featured image courtesy of the US Army.

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