Happy Monday to you all, FighterSweep Fans! We wanted to start our work week off on a bit of a different note, so here we go with a little experiment.

As you know, one of our contributors–in addition to being a fighter pilot, police officer, and Krav Maga instructor–is a published fiction author. C.W. Lemoine is one of our best; he’s written some of our most well-read articles this year, and he’s got some pretty mad skills at story-telling.

So in the spirit of giving this season, we wanted to share with you a preview of Spectre Rising, the book that started it all. The series now includes a total of four novels, and you can check those out at C.W.’s website.

So if you’re so inclined, please check this out. If you like it enough to want more previews, please let us know–and don’t be afraid to reach out with your thoughts, too!