Disclaimer: There is no profundity or real message to this piece. This is just, essentially, a war story about some quirky attachment’s our OD-A (Operational Detachment Alpha, or A-Team) saw during one deployment to Afghanistan.

We had a lot of attachments on that deployment to Afghanistan to conduct Village Stability Operations. It was an awesome mission with some colorful characters. Travis Allen’s recent piece, “How to succeed while deployed with Green Berets when you aren’t one (Part One),” reminded me of my own OD-A’s attachments. The Infantrymen we gained from the 82nd were a blessing and great to work alongside. But, there’s some funny, or not, anecdotes of other attachments on the very same deployment.

“My primary weapon system are these (points to radios).” – “Sprinkles” the U.S. Air Force Combat ControllerThe man who said those words quickly became known as “Sprinkles.” It infuriated him, and that’s why the name stuck. This was during a Village Stability Operation mission in Afghanistan. That quote was in response to the fact that “Sprinkles” weapon system, an M4, was so dirty it couldn’t operate. It was caked with new layers of dirt and dust collecting on the weapon every day. He never cleaned the thing and was adamant he didn’t have to care for his weapon. It was the worst case of weapon neglect I’ve ever seen and probably will ever see again.

He was attached to our element, along with a bomb sniffing dog that we were convinced was completely incompetent but 100% adorable. We eventually got a cook who wore his cook “Cleaver” on the front of his chest plate. That same guy put his magazines on the side of his body underneath his armpits and probably the single most bizarre person I’ve encountered in my life, since. Apparently, some guys from another unit told him the “tricks of the trade” and encouraged him to put his “kit” together in that absurd combination.