The idea of our own government spying on American citizens is a bit disturbing, and SOFREP has covered this in the past. While we can acknowledge this concern, as a society we can also learn to appreciate all of the ways our government tries to keep us safe.

After spending a few years as a technical surveillance expert and over two decades as an overprotective father I’ve realized two things. First was that the repurposing of regular, readily available technology for clandestine surveillance is the way to go. Second was that technical surveillance is a must when it comes to protecting your family in these modern times.

So whether you’re a gear geek, want to protect your house, need to make sure your kids are safe or all of the above, there’s a little James Bond in you and it’s time to let him out. My goal is to give the SOFREP readers some practical advice on trade-craft that you guys can use in your everyday life.

Spy Kit For The Average Citizen

After the attacks of 9/11 the United States found themselves in a unique situation. They faced an exceptionally dynamic adversary with the ability to hide and conduct terrorist operations from locations that were denied to the U.S and her allies.