SMP editor Marc Resnick has negotiated a deal with SOFREP.COM (Special Operations Forces Report) to publish hard-hitting, news-breaking original e-books from the world of Special Operations. With millions of visitors monthly, SOFREP is the largest Spec Ops site on the internet devoted to authentic, accurate, and timely analysis of Special Operations, Intelligence, and foreign policy issues that affect the United States. SOFREP’s editor-in-chief Brandon Webb is a former Navy SEAL and New York Times bestselling author of The Red Circle and the original e-book, Benghazi: The Definitive Report.

Resnick says, “With the December 17, 2013 publication of OPERATION RED WINGS: THE UNTOLD STORY BEHIND LONE SURVIVOR, St. Martin’s Press is thrilled to begin an extraordinary new e-book publishing program with our partner, SOFREP.COM.”

Tapping directly into the huge fan base of the bestselling memoir, Lone Survivor, and the upcoming Universal Pictures adaptation of that book, OPERATION RED WINGS tells the story of the recovery mission to rescue Luttrell for the first time ever. Written by Peter Nealen and the team at SOFREP using exclusive interviews, after-action reports, military intelligence, and previously untold accounts of the rescue mission, OPERATION RED WINGS is filled with never-before-told details and shocking new revelations.

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