Velcro, beards, bacon eater patches, and lots of guns.  It was another typical affair at the SHOT show in Las Vegas yesterday.  After cruising around and linking up with some friends at the Paris casino, our group of ten or so took some seats in one of the many lounges scattered around the floor, sandwiched between slot machines and gaudy handbag shops.  I was just happy to be spending time with the SOFREP writers, including James Powell and our resident East Asia expert who writes as The Odyssean.

Several tables away, a young lady sat by herself, almost as if she was waiting for someone.  Her, um, assets were literally impossible to miss.  I will struggle through this entire article to not make inappropriate jokes about her endowments however, the picture speaks for itself.  While we talked shop, perhaps a half dozen men approached this young woman, attempting to make conversation.  One by one they were all shot down.

“She looks Korean,” one of our party commented.

“Nope,” I replied.  “Chinese.”

She was showing off, but I doubted that she was a working woman.  Rather, I figured she must be a member of the world’s second oldest profession.

Finally, one of the guys got up and somehow talked her into coming over sit down with us.  Playing hard to get, she came over but didn’t want to sit down, acting shy and bashful.  It wasn’t a very convincing act.  Eventually she took a seat and I struck up a conversation.  The name she gave us was Summer.

“So what brings you to Las Vegas?” I asked.

“Um,” she hesitated and looked away.  “Holiday.”