Tampa, FL — Almost two months after the first murder in Seminole Heights, a neighborhood in the heart of Tampa, the accused murderer and potential serial killer has finally been charged with four counts of first degree murder.

The police were tipped off by a McDonald’s manager when Howell Emanuel Donaldson III, 24, asked someone else to hold his loaded .40 caliber Glock (and that person alerted the manager). Donaldson was also an employee at the fast food restaurant. The manager, Delonda Walker, alerted a police officer who was attending the McDonald’s at the time.

The same Glock was used in all four of the murders in Seminole Heights, so tying them to each killing was crucial. Had Walker thought nothing of it or simply told him to put it away, Donaldson would likely still be at large. Police Chief Brian Dugan said she would receive “every penny” of the reward, which had grown over the weeks to a total of $110,000. Dugan had previously mentioned that they had “received more than 5,000 tips in this case.”

The largest chunk of the reward was from law enforcement partners, but some comes from private donors like a local restaurant owner that chipped in $9,000. There were several fundraisers as well.