(Editor’s Note: The people at Task Force Yankee reached out to us concerned about a couple of media reports that had insinuated or flat out accused them of being a company that hired mercenaries to fight in Ukraine. There are various non-government organizations in the US and Europe right now trying to help Ukraine with medical supplies, humanitarian aid, and other means to resist the invasion by Russia.  We agreed to publish a response by TFY by Seth Hopper who is the organization’s, Chief Operations Officer. You can learn more about Task Force Yankee at their website or on Facebook.)

Task Force Yankee has recently become aware of two separate news articles.  One was written by Jay Reeves of the Associated Press, and another one has recently surfaced on a website called mailbd.net.  There are several inaccuracies in both articles that we would like to address.

In the article by Jay Reeves of the Associated Press linked here

This AP article was also picked up and run on Politico