SOFREP Team PT with Norwood will being this coming Monday, November 21st. We’ll interview fitness experts and offer training and nutrition advice.

Team PT – Monday thru Friday – no more than four times a week in the gym. Strict diet with general guidelines. About an hour session of training a session. The sessions that will be longer are optional and for those intending to go to selection or get into selection type level of fitness.

This is what I intend to start posting, every wee morning, every day, daily Team PT training session. I’ll do it a week out with anyone in the DC Metro area interested in joining. We’ll make sure the flow makes sense and that we aren’t overwhelmed. I’ll have another athlete that will be doing bodyweight training sessions for whoever wants to start anew and hasn’t exercised in some time.

I’ll be training as though I might be headed to selection one day – and have a dear friend who is prepared to rebuild. That athlete will train with body weight and eventually progress toward lifting and something closer to training for selection. My hope is to add a third to the party who is more advanced in age. One thing that is missing from most exercise routines and plans for people are plans tailored for those who are not just veterans, but, basically, old.