Team Room members and SOFREP readers, you folks have made our website the most incredible online community I’ve ever had the honor to be a part of. When Brandon, Jack and I first conceived of SOFREP we had our goals and targets, but I’m not sure we ever realized that YOU would make this such a great experience for us!

(Pausing 17 seconds for hats off and big round of applause to y’all…..)

So I wanted to follow up on the events of this past week, just to keep you in the loop and let you know what’s going on.

First, we had an article by a guest author that posted on May 30. We received Comms Checks from some stalwart readers wondering what this article indicated about our content direction, and I asked you for your opinions. You responded in a huge way, and I have results to post for you. It was a good time to check in and hear from our ‘advisory board’ about the state of our content direction.

Then we had some comment moderation issues, so I questioned you about that, and again, you responded right away and let us know your thoughts. I have results to post for you on that as well, probably on Thursday.

Finally, and most importantly, we told you that it was time to ask USAA to renew their sponsorship of SOFREP and that we needed your help. We asked you to tell us a little bit about yourselves so we’d know whether ‘The SOFREP Reader’ is a good match for USAA’s membership efforts. MASSIVE RESPONSE from Team Room and from our newsletter subscribers! And we appreciate that so much!

Then on Monday evening things got a little weird. We ran a breaking post about Kristin, and then we heard a few things, one thing lead to another, and then Brandon made a comment within that ‘Kristin’ comment section that SOFREP might forego sponsorship and turn to a subscription model so that sponsors can’t influence our content.

That’s when the shit show began.